Have you heard? rooners now has special stickers you can use in-app to respond to your friends’ posts! Stickers have become an essential part of our internet culture, featured on almost every app and social platform. 

The world at your fingertips

As the idea to bring social interaction to the forefront of rooners emerged within our team, we quickly decided that stickers needed to be part of this story. 

If at first it seemed easy to churn out a few stickers, we soon realized how challenging it was to design stickers that would both reflect the vibe of the app and convey a few emotions at once rather than a single emotion (like an emoji). That’s when we knew we had to find the best person for the job. 

Thus began the search. We contacted many, many incredibly talented, top-notch illustrators, but one stood out among the rest. Dila Kılıç rolled up her sleeves and got to work in January of this year. 

Meet Dila and her Stickers!

Let’s step aside and let Dila herself tell you a little bit about the work she has done and her artistic perspective:

What was the first thought you had when you had the idea to design stickers? 

I was always thinking about making my own sticker pack someday because my drawings generally express moods, so it was suitable. Luckily, you found me and brought the cutest concept and it worked out great! 

Can you tell us a little bit about your design process? What is it like to design these characters?

Designing characters is a bit tough but fun. First, I make a quick sketch of the character from imagination, see where I need to highlight / exaggerate, what’s the emotion etc. and I make an inspiration journey on the internet . “et voila”  .  I noticed I’m influenced a lot by cartoon characters from the 90s-2000s. They are all in my head somehow. 

In 3 words, how would you describe your artistic style? 

quirky – playful – young

Which are your 2 favorite stickers?

They are all my babies now… but Zen & Determined.

What is your dream occupation?

I want pastafurba to become a design shop someday

The whole team would like to thank Dila for a job well done designing these amazing stickers for rooners. 

You can follow her on her social media channels: @pastafurba 

See you next time.