22 June 2021 2022-03-13 17:59

Create a virtual race for your team

TeamUp with rooners to bring specially designed running & walking games directly from you to yours.

Trusted by 100+ brands worldwide

How does it work?


Mix it up!

Customize several different aspects of your game and choose from 2 game mechanics.

Private Invite Code

After creating your race, you will be given a code which you can use to invite players to join from anywhere in the world.

The Race is On.

View all race data, participants, and leaderboards from the TeamUp panel. Send notifications exclusively to your races participants to remind them of your event.

Simple, yet powerful features

Create better race. It's that simple.


Move your community to stay active, together.

TeamUp allows you to create your own private activity challenge for your friend group, employees, or community, and track everyone’s progress.

  • Create, edit and manage your own challenges
  • Send your game’s unique invite code to any participants you’d like to invite.
  • Track their progress on the leaderboard

Private Games

Only users with the invite code can view or access your game.


TeamUp Features

Easy to use

Select from various options for the details of your game.

Manage users

Add as many as 1000+ users to your race.

Operating System Integration

Full integration with rooners app on iOS and Android.